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August 3, 2009

Santa Barbara Zoo - Store Branding Project

We recently completed an extensive branding and point-of-purchase signage project for the Santa Barbara Zoo. The new store has a dramatic round overhead sign and wall posters as well.

The overhead cylinder frame was fabricated from square aluminum tubing and then powder coated. It breaks down for shipping, moving through doors, etc. We printed the images on 3M Controltac and mounted the laminated images on 3mm sheet PVC.

The inside and outside image sets, although similar, actually are different widths to accomodate the differing circle circumferences.

The PVC panels were installed to the frame on site and the entire assembly hoisted to the ceiling joists for attachment.

The world map was also printed on Controltac, laminated and applied to a single piece of sheet steel to provide a magnetic-receptive surface.

Next time you're on top of the hill by the elephants, check out the new store!