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December 11, 2009

File Prep Guidelines For Printing

For artwork designed for our solvent printer for outdoor durable printing applications, we generally recommend a resolution of 150 DPI/PPI at full size. This means that if you want the print to be 18" x 24", the resolution should be 150 at this size. If you design the artwork at 9" x 12", and want it to end up being 18" x 24", the resolution needs to be twice as high (i.e. 300 DPI)

For artwork designed for our aqueous printer for indoor printing applications, photographic artwork will benefit from a resolution of 200 to 250 DPI/PPI at full size.

We can accept AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, TIF, and JPEG files. If a TIF file, please flatten by going to layers -> flatten.

We recommend embedding a CMYK color profile as appropriate, and converting all text to outlines. This can be done by selecting everything (CTRL-A) and going to font/type -> convert text to outlines. This is usually only applicable if the file is an AI, EPS, or PSD.

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